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logo.gif Angle Pond Grove
Camping & Recreation Area
Located in Sandown, NH
A Lakeside Campground

Phone/Fax: (603) 887-4434
Toll Free: (888) CAMP4FN (226-7436)
Email: camp@anglepondgrove.com
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Rule #1 is to enjoy your stay with us!

Registration: Only one (1) trailer or tent with one (1) vehicle per site. Check-in  is 12:00 noon and check-out time is 11:00 am.   4 adults maximum per site.  Gate cards are issued to one camper only. Keys for restrooms, laundry and showers may be obtained at the office for a deposit fee.

Children: Parents are responsible for their children. No child will be left unattended in the campground. Children must be at their site by 10:00 p.m. Children are not allowed to play in restrooms, shower rooms or laundry room.

Guests: Guests are welcome, but they must register with the office upon arrival. Campers are responsible for their guests.

Speed Limit: 5 1/2 MPH

Pets: No pets allowed with campers or guests.

Quiet Hours: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. 

Fires: Obtaining firewood from the campground's wooded areas is forbidden. Fires must not exceed 18" (knee level) in height and must be doused with water by 10:30 p.m from Sunday to Thursday and 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  Fires must not be left unattended.  Do not move fire rings.  Do not bring firewood from outside the State of New Hampshire. 

Sewer Hookup: All water not hooked up to sewer lines must be retained in containers and properly disposed of into the sewer lines.

Electrical Current: Angle Pond Grove will not be responsible for any equipment or computer damage due to electrical current fluctuations.

Clotheslines: Only beachwear is permitted on outside clotheslines.

Laundry Facility: Adults only may use this facility.

Trash: Please be sure trash is contained in plastic trash bags, tied securely and taken to the dumpsters daily. Do not leave trash outside at night.

Dances: Only adults (21 years and over) may attend Sat. night dances. Dances are for registered campers only.

Bicycles: No bicycle or skateboard riding in campground after dark. No mini bikes or ATV's allowed in the campground.

Sports Equipment: Equipment may be checked out at the office. Broken or damaged equipment must be paid for by the user.

Beach Area: THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. No swimming after dark when beach & playground closes. Abide by all posted beach rules. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN BEACH/PICNIC/PLAYGROUND AREAS AT ANY TIME.

Strictly Forbidden: Fireworks, firearms, drugs, the  use of foul language, playing with matches or fire and anyone creating a disturbance and/or abusing camp area property or other campers' property.

We reserve the right to evict without prior notice anyone who, in our judgment, deliberately breaks any of Angle Pond Grove rules.

Violators of our regulations will be responsible for any and all attorney and other legal fees necessary to enforce our regulations. Forfeiture of all fees will be made in the event of such eviction.

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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 173
East Hampstead, NH 03826-0173
Physical Address
9 Pillsbury Road
Sandown, NH 03873

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